About us

At M-Space, we pride ourselves on our Flexibility and Adaptability. We are a small independent co-working and flexible office space operator. Our personal and hands-on approach means we tailor-make a membership to suit just YOU. We want to grow with you, as your business takes off and likewise, if business detracts, then we will downsize with you. You are not tied into long leases and stringent terms and conditions.

Why did we set-up M-Space

Let us introduce ourselves. We are two sisters, Barbara Nolan and Carol Ann Hickey. We are both born and bred Malahide and still live here with our husbands and 6 children – 3 each. We have 18 years experience working in the family property investment business.

"Over the years we have seen the smaller SME’s and sole traders struggling to pay all the bills that go hand-in-hand with renting a unit. Rent is just one of the expenses. It’s the very high rates, utilities, fire and buildings insurance and other service charges that make it nearly impossible for owner occupiers to sustain the costs and build a business. More and more people are looking for “an-all-in-price” and don’t want any of the hassle. Let M-Space look after all the above extra costs and we just charge you a fixed daily or fixed monthly cost on a rolling basis."

Why did we choose the name M-Space ? The “M” in M-Space can represent so much:


Marine Court Centre-Space

Malahide Marina-Space


My office-Space

My head-Space

Let M-Space take care of all your office needs.

    Barbara 087 915 3333 CarolAnn 087 132 5512

    Top Floor, Marine Court Centre, Malahide K36VK53

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